Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sticky Situation - Girls At A Dinner Table

       I had big ideas for this piece and I wish I carried them all out successfully, but I saw these girls while I was eating dinner and decided it was a good use of repetition. They were all on their phones and disregarding the fact that a Kabuki dinner performance was going on infront of them. I think this was a good, spontaneous use of inspiration.
       I incorporated repetition with the use of five girls who were all on their phone at the same time. Also, my hand with a flip phone in it breaks the rhythm but in a way so that it brings more attention to the repetition in a more abstract sense.
      Acrylic was more choice of medium, because this piece had many layers. I had to lay down a table cloth, and a hand on top of it, including the girls all sitting at the table. The mini lessons also helped to teach me how to use this medium most effectively. I liked working with the paint knife.
      In the end, I didn't completely finish working on this piece but I definitely will come back to it and fill in more value, not to mention all the other details I have missed including plates, a flower vase, and more emphasis on the girl's phones.