Thursday, January 2, 2014

Questionable 3D - Person with a Scissor Blade Sculpture

      My project is an androgynous person hunched over a single scissor blade. I find it questionable because there is no explanation to why they are hunched over, and why do they only have a giant half of a scissor? I used a clay medium, in order to sculpt the person realistically. I believe I organized the anatomy very well.
I used the exact proportion of the human body, yet scaled down. I scaled up the scissor blade into a big enough blade for the person to lean on.
       This picture is of me sculpting the beginning stages of the body. In the beginning, I was not very sure what I was going to do. I planned on doing a fight scene between two females, however I decided against this and moved onto the person leaned over a blade. In brainstorming stages, I wanted to make a life size neanderthal, made of wire and plaster strips. This project would've taken a very long time and was better suited for a team of people. I decided against it. I am very pleased with the finished product of my sculpture. I am not sure if I plan to paint it, or leave it completed white. 

Plaster Portrait Project: Che Guevara

          For this project, I chose to form a plaster portrait of Che Guevara, the former Argentinian-Marxist revolutionary. I worked with Noah and we slathered plaster on a wooden board in order to layer on his cheekbones, nose, chin, and higher areas of his face. We brainstormed many different pop culture figures that would stand out and make a recognizable figure in the plaster.
         Although me and Noah were both thinking about keeping the plaster purely white, Mr. Sands advised us to add color to the plaster. You can see us testing colors out on slabs of wet plaster on cardboard in the first picture. We used acrylic paint to color at first, but it ended up making the plaster brittle and easily cracked. Instead, we used food coloring and made it mono-chromatic with only red, black, and white. This was a risk that ended up making the project more interesting.

 The finished product was very low-depth and shallow but I ended up liking it. The stencil-look and shadows looked just how I imagined and the red background was interesting. I ended up liking plaster a lot.