Thursday, January 2, 2014

Questionable 3D - Person with a Scissor Blade Sculpture

      My project is an androgynous person hunched over a single scissor blade. I find it questionable because there is no explanation to why they are hunched over, and why do they only have a giant half of a scissor? I used a clay medium, in order to sculpt the person realistically. I believe I organized the anatomy very well.
I used the exact proportion of the human body, yet scaled down. I scaled up the scissor blade into a big enough blade for the person to lean on.
       This picture is of me sculpting the beginning stages of the body. In the beginning, I was not very sure what I was going to do. I planned on doing a fight scene between two females, however I decided against this and moved onto the person leaned over a blade. In brainstorming stages, I wanted to make a life size neanderthal, made of wire and plaster strips. This project would've taken a very long time and was better suited for a team of people. I decided against it. I am very pleased with the finished product of my sculpture. I am not sure if I plan to paint it, or leave it completed white. 

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